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J.F. Dion School
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Fishing Lake, Alberta
T0A 3G0
Phone: (780) 943-2348
Fax: (780) 943-2299
Grades: K to 8


Elaine Ward

Hannah Durocher


"J. F. Dion is a place where school, home and community work together to achieve successful responsible lifelong learners"


J. F. Dion Vision and Mission Statement

"Think, Dream, Believe, Achieve"


At J. F. Dion School every child will have the opportunities and experiences necessary to learn, think and grow into a well rounded, productive and responsible person.


The educational process is a partnership between family, school and community.

Education includes all of a child's capabilities - intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and moral.

Learning is a life long activity and is a promary means of achieving ones goals.

Positive-self concept and respect for others are fundamental to learning and growing.

Children need to be taught early to respect their homes, families, communitiy and school and to t ake responsibility for their actions

Children have different abilities, learning styles and rates of development

Every child should have an equal opportunity regardless of race, nationality or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex or ability

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Literacy Initiative

Morning Assemblies

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