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School Board Trustee Elections

Elections 2017

Election Day - Monday, October 16, 2017

Notice of Election and List of Polling Stations

In order to vote: you must produce identification for inspection.  The identification must be one or more piece(s) of a government issued identification containing the elector’s photograph, address and name.  This includes an Operator’s (Driver’s) license or an Alberta Identification card.  In addition, if your government issued identification has a box number as your address you must produce a second document that contains your civic and/or legal land address.

Authorized Identification to Vote 

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How to be a Good Voter

 Official Results: Northland School Division is pleased to announce official nomination results as of September 20, 2017. 

click on "Ward" below to see map

Ward 1 - Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, Keg River (Election declared)

Joanne Ducharme

Candice Calliou

Maddy Daniels

Ward 2 - Susa Creek (Acclaimed)

Cathy Wanyandie

Ward 3 - Gift Lake Metis Settlement, Peavine Metis Settlement (Election declared)

Randy Anderson
Ken Shaw

Ward 4 - East Prairie Metis Settlement, Grouard (Election declared)

Frank "Manny" Chalifoux 
Jesse Lamouche
Lana L’Hirondelle

Ward 5 - Peerless Lake, Trout Lake, Little Buffalo (Election declared)

Violet Cardinal
Louis Cardinal

Ward 6 - Desmarais, Sandy Lake (Acclaimed)

Silas Yellowknee

Ward 7 - Wabasca, Chipewyan Lake (Election declared)

Fay Cardinal
Robin Guild

Ward 8 - Calling Lake (Election declared)

Clifford Cardinal
Cora Weber-Pillwax
Loretta Gladue

Ward 9 - Fort Chipewyan (Acclaimed)

Rubi-Helen Shirley

Ward 10 - Anzac, Janvier, Conklin, Fort McKay (Acclaimed)

Jules Nokohoo

Ward 11 - Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Fishing Lake Metis Settlement (Election declared)

Karen Telford
Arlene Calliou

The following Trustee positions are filled and acclaimed in:

Ward 2 - Susa Creek

Ward 6 - Desmarais, Sandy Lake

Ward 9 - Fort Chipewyan

Ward 10 - Anzac, Janvier, Conklin, Fort McKay

NORTHLAND ELECTORAL WARDS - click here for full ward map

Northland is divided into 11 Wards with one trustee being elected in each ward. 

Ward Communities

First Nations with

Education Service or Tuition Agreement

Schools Within Ward

Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement

Keg River


Paddle Prairie

Dr. Mary Jackson

2 Susa Creek   Susa Creek

Gift Lake Métis Settlement

Peavine Métis Settlement

Whitefish Lake First Nation (No.459)

Utikoomak Lake (No. 155/ 155A/ 155B) 

Gift Lake

Bishop Routhier


East Prairie Métis Settlement


Kapawe’no First Nation (No. 150B/ 150C/ 150D/ 229/ 230)

Sucker Creek First Nation (No. 150A)


Grouard Northland


Peerless Lake

Trout Lake

Little Buffalo

Peerless Trout First Nation (Peerless Trout Indian Reserve No. 238)

Lubicon Lake Band

Woodland Cree First Nation (No. 226/ 227/ 228)

Peerless Lake


Little Buffalo



Sandy Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458 (Wabasca No. 166/ 166A/ 166D, Pelican Settlement)


Career Pathways

Pelican Mountain



Chipewyan Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458 (Wabasca No. 166B/ 166C)

St. Theresa

Chipewyan Lake

8 Calling Lake

Bigstone Cree Nation No. 458

Jean Baptiste Gambler No. 183

Calling Lake

Calling Lake Outreach

9 Fort Chipewyan

Mikesew Cree First Nation No. 461 (Dog Head No. 218, Devil’s Gate 220, Allison Bay No. 219, Sandy Point No. 221, Old Fort No. 217)

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (Chipewyan No. 201/ 201A/ 201B/ 201C/ 201D/ 201E/ 201F/ 201G)

Athabasca Delta Community


Chard (Janvier)


Fort McKay

Chipewyan Prairie First Nation (Janvier No. 194, Cowper Lake Indian Reserve 194A, Winefred Lake Indian Reserve No. 194B)

Fort McKay First Nation No. 467 (Fort McKay Indian Reserve No. 174/ 174C/ 174D/ Namur Lake No. 174A/ 174B/)

Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation (Gregoire Lake No. 176/ 176A/ 176B, Clearwater No. 175)

Anzac/Bill Woodward

Father R. Perin


Fort McKay


Elizabeth Métis Settlement

Fishing Lake Métis Settlement



J.F. Dion

*Note: One trustee elected per ward


Contact the following:

Trudy Rasmuson, Returning Officer: trudy.rasmuson@nsd61.ca  (780) 624-2060 

Melanie Mantai, Executive Secretary: melanie.mantai@nsd61.ca (780) 624-2060 ext. 6104

Lois Byers, Official Trustee: lois.byers@nsd61.ca (780) 624-2060

Additional election information will be updated as information becomes available. 

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