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Tansi, Edlánat’e, Welcome,

Northland School Division is recognized as being culturally and geographically unique. Covering 288,347 square kilometres, we provide student centered learning opportunities to primarily First Nation and Métis students located in the northern half of Alberta. The division serves approximately 2700 students and employ 500 staff in 24 schools.

We take pride in the fact that we: 

  • Focus on literacy and numeracy
  • Focus on Indigenous language and culture
  • Develop partnerships to benefit student learning
  • Continue to see improvement with community engagement
  • Provide professional development opportunities for educators
  • Provide and use the latest technology in our instruction
  • Host a New Teacher Orientation in one of our school communities annually
  • Organize land-based learning opportunities
  • Provide a hot lunch program for students
  • Provide housing for Educators

Our Mandate

The Northland Board is responsible for ensuring that all students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of their individual communities and the larger society

Our Mission

Northland School Division will provide quality educational experiences and opportunities for all students.

Our Vision

"Every student is a lifelong learner and successful in life" 

On January 21, 2010, then Education Minister Dave Hancock appointed Dr. Colin Kelly as official trustee. The Minister formed an inquiry committee to meet with key stakeholders and prepare the Northland School Division Inquiry Team Report. The report provides 48 recommendations of which 31 apply to NSD61.

The Minister also formed the Northland Community Engagement Team (NCET). This team was drawn from local community and education leaders in the jurisdiction’s mainly Aboriginal municipalities. The team was co-chaired by former MLA Pearl Calahassen and Colin Kelly. It had representation from Alberta Education and communities outside the school division. The NCET developed a vision for Aboriginal Education Excellence and a process for community engagement. 

In June 2014, Education Minister Jeff Johnson released the Northland Community Engagement Team Report and the Alberta Education’s Response to the Northland Inquiry Team Report

 Northland Community Engagement Video

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