Division News

School Attendance Strategies

Athabasca Delta Community School: 

  • Attendance awards - 100% attendance certificates and token, most improved student;
  • Hallway Patrol
  • Communication blitz - school Facebook page, school newsletter, daily calls, wanted posters and;
  • Beautification of the school

Anzac Community School and Bill Woodward School: 

  • Both schools have aligned their calendars to try and make sure that if families are traveling, they're traveling during the designated time off and;
  • host assemblies to celebrate perfect attendance by giving away awards and pizza parties. 

Bishop Routhier School: 

  • Host monthly attendance awards;
  • Phone calls home and home visits;
  • Implement a school movie day and; 
  • a stamp campaign where students receive a morning stamp and a stamp reward after 10 days. 

Calling Lake School: 

  • Recognize students and parents with attendance over 80% and; 
  • Home visits and phone calls home.

Career Pathways School: 

  • Implement a minimum 90% attendance for Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and work experience students;
  • Create inter-agency agreements which will allow for consistency in student attendance; 
  • Monthly student attendance awards and;
  • Implement a peer to peer and student/teacher to follow up on attendance. 

Chipewyan Lake School: 

  • Provide extra-curricular activities such as after-school basketball practice and competition with other schools, canoe building/restorations, ice fishing, skating parties;
  • Promoting the need for high attendance for good academic results at all school and family or community events; 
  • Providing bi-monthly newsletter both on paper and electronically, regular texting and; 
  • Provide regular awards that include prizes. 

Conklin Community School: 

  • Ensuring classroom programs that combine instruction focused on personal hygiene and activities to promote it to reduce absences due to illness;
  • Setting target and reward students and parents for improved attendance;
  • Calling home for every absence to establish the reason for the absence. Let the parent know that we recognize their absence and care about their student being in school;
  • Promoting the need for high attendance for good academic results at all school and family or community events and; 
  • Making home visits to chronically absent students. 

Dr. Mary Jackson School: 

  • Trophy case awards. Prizes will be displayed in the school trophy case and;
  • Attendance dollars which they can use to buy what is in the case. 

Elizabeth School: 

  • Enhancing school culture and community with a focus on teacher-student relationships as well as the learning environment;
  • At the classroom level working cooperatively with the teachers on regular parent-teacher discussions, school and homework, parent volunteers and participation in school activities and;
  • Provide professional development for teachers to develop skills, techniques and learn about innovative strategies to enhance classroom instruction. 

Father R. Perin School

  • Student rewards program including swim trips, in school store shopping and monthly certificates. 
  • Janvier bucks and;
  • Pie the Principal in the face for students who have perfect attendance. 

Fort McKay School 

  • Utilize the school sign to promote attendance; 
  • Clearly communicate to parents and the community the school attendance goals through newsletters and the school website;
  • Parents are called by the homeroom teacher if a student is not present to see why the student is away;
  • Attendance is communicated to parents on our progress report and our report cards;
  • Promote a positive school atmosphere so students do not want to miss school; 
  • Monthly incentives to students with perfect attendance and also to the class with the highest attendance. For example, books, pizza party, popcorn party, field trips, monthly awards;
  • Bulletin board in the hall promoting perfect attenders for the month and a bar graph showing the improvement month by month;

Gift Lake School

  • Organize classroom parties for students with strong attendance and;
  • Utilize the community newsletter to promote student attendance. 

Grouard Northland School

  • Provide staff with the opportunity to attend the two day workshop on “Mental Health First Aide”;
  • Promote proper personal hygiene; 
  • Home visits performed by school community liaison and; 
  • Monthly attendance award celebrations and partnership with the movie theatre in High Prairie to do monthly draws for free movie tickets. 

Hillview School 

  • Increase media exposure. For example, utilize school Facebook page, Remind - a free online communication program that sends text messages to subscribers, school website, local media; 
  • Provide a variety of activities and ways for families and community members to get involved at the school and;
  • Direct communication with parents. For example, phone calls, school newsletter, student agendas, letters to parents, monthly prize draw for parents of students with 90% or better and newsletter contest - parents who find errors embedded in text are entered into a draw. 

J.F. Dion School

  • Advertise Attendance Improvement Initiative 'Every Day Counts' in all available locations in the community, school Facebook page, school website and by sending memos to parents; 
  • Monthly classroom competitions. Parties are rewarded to a classroom who achieves the highest attendance; 
  • Students get impromptu prizes for being at school;
  • Field trips for good attenders;
  • Encourage parents to call the school when their child is absent and;
  • Assist families that require intervention from agencies to assist with barriers. 

Kateri School

  • Implement a weekly non-attenders log that specifically highlights actions that have been taken to address the concerns;
  • School Attendance Reward Program that provides an award for great attenders. This is done on a point system so awards can be banked for a larger award. An additional award will be offered semi-annually for parents to win a gift card in the amount of $500. Parent names will be entered if their child has achieved 90% or better and;
  • Implement monthly student attendance reports to parents. They are delivered directly to the parents with information on how to improve attendance. 

Little Buffalo School 

  • Invite parents to a BBQ at the beginning of the school year to continue to build bridges between the school and the home;
  • Phone calls home and home visits; 
  • Students with 90% or better in Kindergarten to grade 7 are invited to an ice cream party. Parents receive a letter inviting them to join their child's ice cream party;
  • Students in grade 8-12 will receive gift cards for 90% attendance or better and;
  • maintain communication with parents via school newsletter, monthly calendar, school website and school Facebook page. 

Mistassiniy School

  • Most improve attendance award;
  • Parent committee involved in the incentive programs;
  • Student of the Month recognition;
  • Offer programs and offer incentives to students who participate. For example, volleyball, basketball, badminton, girls club, computer club and homework club; 
  • Teacher intervention by phone and problem solve with parents to get student back to school quickly; 
  • Home visits performed by school community liaison;
  • Good news from Mistassiniy postcards sent home and recognition on Facebook;
  • Use social media and division website to share attendance initiatives with the community;
  • Send home good news stories to parents about their child. 

 Paddle Prairie School

  • Continue to offer Career and Technology Studies programming such as Cosmetology, Foods and Small Engine Repair; 
  • Participating in Moving Forward with High School Redesign; 
  • Continue to plan field trips to extend learning;
  • Invite parents and community members to celebrate students who achieve good attendance and;
  • After-school clubs such as guitar lessons, book club and gym nights. 

Peerless Lake School

  • Attendance and progress letters to go out monthly for parents;
  • Daily phone calls for absenteeism from teachers, letters and discussion with parents to show caring from the school;
  • Setting targets and then rewarding students and parents for improve attendance. For example, a Banana Split Party;
  • Home visits to promote attendance and;
  • Regular School Attendance Improvement Committee meetings. The committee includes students, parents, Peerless Trout First Nation council member, an elder, teacher and principal. 

Pelican Mountain School

  • After school clubs. Survey students to find out what kind of club they would be most interested in; 
  • Evaluate after-school club attendance to see impact on school attendance and improved relationships and; 
  • Celebratory letters sent home to parents to recognize their child's school attendance;
  • Post results of students who achieve 90% or better on a bulletin board

 St. Theresa School 

  • Monthly themed celebrations for perfect attendance and year-end perfect attendance awards;
  • Monthly certificates for students attending 90%-94%, 95%-99%, 100%, most improved; 
  • Parent thank you notes;
  • Teachers come up with own classroom incentive programs to ensure that the competition stays high; 
  • Promote student engagement through effective teaching and implementation of programs to promote engagement; 
  • Offer educational experiences outside the classroom and offer tailored incentives to individual students;
  • Created a 2nd school community liaison position to assist with home visits and assist families in getting their children to school;
  • Continue to use the school Facebook page and school website to inform parents and the community about attendance related issues and;
  • Dedicate a section in the newsletter for attendance. 

Susa Creek School 

  • At the end of each month, a letter detailing each students attendance will be sent to parents;
  • At the end of each month, parents whose children have over 95% attendance will get a gift certificate to a local business;
  • At the end of each month, students with over 90% attendance will get a pizza lunch and;
  • A year-end bike draw for students with over 95% attendance throughout the year.