Division News

Local School Board Committees


Northland School Division No.61 consists of 22 Local School Board Committees (LSBC). Each LSBC elects a chairperson and the term of office is four years.

The LSBC provides a link between the school and the residents of the community. The members play a critical role in promoting community engagement with the school. They ensure the perspectives of the community are reflected in the management and operation of the school and play an important role by informing the community about the school activities and initiatives. 

Local School Board Committee responsibilities include recommending:

  • Approval of the school organizational plan
  • Approval of the school improvement plan and budget
  • Development and approval of local school policies 

Local School Board Committees

Anzac Gregoire

David Czibere - Chairperson

Julie Stewart - Secretary

Bryan Knutson

Cleo (Mrytle Patricia) Reece

Cynthia McIntosh

Athabasca Delta

Claris Voyageur - Chairperson

Julia Cardinal

Danny Mercredi

Lorraine Jean Cardinal

Tania Dashcavich

Bishop Routhier

Greg Gauchier - Chairperson

Leeann Gauthier - Secretary

Brad Cunningham

Davis Cunningham

Don Cunningham

Calling Lake 

Cora Weber-Pillwax - Chairperson

Gloria Anderson

Clifford Cardinal

Gwen Schmidt

Louise Gambler

Chipewyan Lake

Irene Lee-Anne Young - Acting Chairperson

Ida Noskiye - Secretary

Vacant Position


Margaret Quintal - Chairperson

Verna Quintal-Janvier - Secretary

Kathryn Quintal 

Shirley Ann Tremblay

Wendy Tremblay


Fay Cardinal - Chairperson

Ernie Grach

Ronald (Bobby) Beaver

Silas Yellowknee

Vacant Position

East Prairie

Shelly Auger - Chairperson

Joan Haggerty - Secretary

Karen L'Hirondelle

Rhonda Walter Desjarlais

Victor Prinz


Shelly Bartman - Chairperson

Vacant Position

Gwen Lepine

Sheila Thompson

Tracy Jacknife

Fort McKay

Janet McDonald - Chairperson

Vacant Position

Tina Black

Gift Lake

Ken Shaw - Chairperson

Howard Shaw - Vice Chair

Dale Laderoute

Gail Lamouche

Gordon Belcourt


Jesse Lamouche - Chairperson

Darcey Halcrow - Secretary

Vacant Position

Jacqueline (Veronica) Courtoreille

Shawn Auger

J.F. Dion

Joan Daniels - Chairperson

Carlene Gladue - Secretary

Kristen Lindsay

Raymond Durocher

Tyler Gladue


Alice Fontaine - Chairperson

Martha Nokohoo - Secretary

leisha Piche

Laurette Herman

Victoria Walker

Keg River

Michael Fischer - Chairperson

Delores Mosure - Secretary

Jordan Cardinal

Kathy Omoth

Wallace Prochinsky 

Little Buffalo

Dwight Gladue - Chairperson

Bryan Laboucan

Cheryl McMann

Larry Ominayak

Troy Laboucan

Paddle Prairie

Candice Calliou - Chairperson

Doreen Poitras - Secretary

Kristen Ghostkeeper

Nelson Auger

Priscilla Christian

Peerless Lake

Louis Cardinal - Chairperson

Marie Alook - Secretary

Laurel Noskiye

Marcel Noskiye

William Houle

Pelican Mountain

Violet Carlson - Chairperson

Vacant Position

Heather Cardinal

Susa Creek

Cathie Wanyandie - Chairperson

Maryanne Moberly - Secretary

Vacant Position

Charles McDonald

Robert Wanyandie

Trout Lake

Elmer Gullion - Chairperson

Caroline Bigstone

Vacant Position

Julianne Noskiye

Shane Metsikassus


Robin Guild - Chairperson

Anthony Rathbone - Vice-Chair

Jeffery Junkin - Secretary

Michael Gullion

Thomas Bissell